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An inspired and ethical community of learners and leaders

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About our school

Gosford High School is an academically selective high school located on the Central Coast of NSW.

Student successes in our challenging and academic curriculum are supported by diverse extra-curricular opportunities in a context of student voice and engagement.

The school has a distinguished history dating back to 1927. We achieve outstanding academic results but equally important are the social, cultural and emotional capabilities of our students. At Gosford High School, we proudly educate the whole child.

Students are at the centre of all we do. We value their voice and encourage their active participation in learning. By working collaboratively with their teachers in a stimulating, rewarding and safe learning environment, they are motivated to develop the skills they need to navigate a rapidly changing world ethically and successfully.

Above all, we inspire them to embrace their capacity as leaders of their community, with the knowledge that their actions can benefit society and the world beyond.

Our professional, enthusiastic staff provides a diverse and engaging curriculum tailored to gifted and talented students; one that is informed by the most contemporary research in educational psychology and philosophy. They engage in career-long learning and professional development to ensure our teaching practices are relevant, dynamic and attuned to the unique capacities of our students. 

Our vision

To be an inspired and ethical community of learners and leaders whose actions benefit society and the world beyond. 

Our values

Our strengths and successes reflect our commitment to the five core values that underpin all that we do:


Our students are empowered learners who are encouraged to be active in their education and achieve outstanding success at school and in the world beyond. Our staff engages in continual professional learning to ensure their teaching practices are at the forefront of gifted and talented education. Above all, our staff and students display a passion for life-long learning which fosters enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and a commitment to success in all their endeavours. 


Our student community demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the beliefs and values of all groups in our society. We are welcoming and accepting of difference. We value individuality. We celebrate what makes each child unique as a person and a learner. We recognise our young people as the sum of all their parts, never defined by any one aspect of their identity. By promoting respect, tolerance and curiosity, we strive to make Gosford High School a safe-haven for all students where they are free to be themselves.


We foster pride in our school and our community through an array of initiatives which cultivate positive peer relationships across all school years. Our active senior leadership teams work tirelessly to ignite their peers' enthusiasm for all things 'Gossie' and this student-led collaboration creates genuine unity and belonging. We enjoy whole school events which engender school spirit including our historic sporting exchange with Orange High School which has been sustained for 49 years. 


We recognise the immense and diverse gifts and talents of all our students and offer a dynamic and engaging curriculum to cater to their burgeoning skill-sets, with the capacity for enrichment and extension. This works in conjunction with a rich suite of curriculum enrichment programs to ensure students are always challenged, motivated and excited to immerse themselves in their learning. Leadership and welfare programs from Years 7-12 have created a culture of service and equal opportunity where all voices are heard and respected. 


We foster a culture of service and charity which encourages students to involve themselves in their communities on a local and global scale and view themselves as active and engaged citizens. We emphasise the importance of authentic student voice, respectful communication and a commitment to equity and fairness. As the first high school in our area, we value our long and esteemed history and the contribution of those who have come before us and carry their legacy with humility and gratitude.