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The Welfare Team

Our Welfare Team is a dynamic collaboration of staff members who are charged with the responsibility of student well-being. Their roles are integral to our school and each play a vital part in helping our students flourish personally and socially, as well as academically. The team comprises of:

Head Teacher Welfare

  • Mr Howe

School Counsellors

  • Genevieve
  • Elise 
  • Meghan

Learning and Support Teacher

  • Mrs Andrews

Student Support Officer

  • Brittany

Wellbeing Nurse

  • Sarah



Year 7 Mr Newton and Miss Wheate
Year 8  Ms Montgomery & Mr Paull
Year 9 Mr La Ginestra and Miss Bouwhuis
Year 10 Ms Gatland-Veness and Miss Arundel
Year 11 Mr Abra and Mrs Fryirs
Year 12 Mr Pollard and Miss Armstrong


This website has been created to provide information on a range of wellbeing topics and resources to support student wellbeing including links to support services. The website also provides information about the Wellbeing Team at GHS including how to connect with support at school and in the community.

Our Wellbeing Team will continue to update the website with information and resources.