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Technology and Applied Studies Faculty

The Faculty staff are committed and enthusiastic professionals with diverse expertise including food technology, textiles and industrial arts. Parents who remember the old subjects of home economics, sewing, woodwork and metalwork will find that there has been enormous progress in our Faculty. Subjects now have a direct link to their relevance in the working world.

Students are involved in a combination of practical, hands-on exercises and studies that give them an insight into professional application of these skills.

Our Faculty works cooperatively with the Information and Communication Technology staff who provide computer based design courses.

Technology and Applied Studies courses help to develop creativity and problem solving skills. They also help to build the self confidence of students as they take pride in their abilty to create something using their hands and their imagination. Regardless of a student's eventual career choice, these skills will be of value to them in their adult life.


 Years 7 and 8 include a mandatory technology component. This will provide students with the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of food technology, textiles and industrial arts. Instruction in the preparation of basic healthy meals is included as well as an opportunity to use sewing and woodworking equipment for small projects.


A range of electives are offered in years 9 and 10. Depending upon the level of student interest these may include: • Design and Technology • Food Technology • Textiles Technology • Graphics Technology • Industrial Technology – Timber • Industrial Technology – Engineering.

For years 11 and 12 there are also a range of options for HSC level study. Gosford High School students continue to achieve outstanding results in these subjects. • Design and Technology • Food Technology • Textiles Technology • Engineering Studies • Society and Culture.

Our achievements have been many with excellent results, awards and HSC displays of works the norm. Our facilities provide students with access to the equipment and expertise they need to become proficient in their chosen area. Safety is a significant issue for all our staff and students are provided with instruction on safety procedures and equipment.