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Service and Community Engagement

We encourage our students to identify ways they can affect positive change in their local communities and engage in volunteering and service for causes they feel passionately about. As a school, we are firmly plugged into our community, locally, nationally and globally and support several causes through the year via fundraising through our SRC.

We also have several volunteering schemes students can be involved in throughout all years of school which supports our culture of integrity and leadership through demonstrated action and service.

Year 9- PSVP- Premier's Student Volunteering Program- a NSW DEC program that encourages and recognises student volunteering within and external to the school. A minimum of 20 hours is recognised (Bronze Award) through to 150 hours (Black Opal). Certificates are distributed each semester.


students in a rainforest

Year 10- PSVP- Premier's Student Volunteering Program- continuation of program commenced in Year 9. Volunteering is also recognised through Scholarship Awards for which students can apply online through the department by October of Year 10.


Year 11- Leadership Logbook- A program initiated by GHS that recognises and encourages whole school participation by completing a series of challenges in academic, school and community programs. Completion of the program in first semester allows candidates to receive a Prefect Award and apply for leadership roles in Year 12.