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Personal Development/Health/Physical Education Faculty(PDHPE)

As the name suggests this faculty focuses on a multistrand approach to the whole person education of our students.


Yr 7 - 10

Course content in years 7 to 10 involves participation in activity based learning and a theory component which often lends itself to group work and interaction in and about the classroom.  Content includes such areas as nutrition, drugs, safety, movement skills, first aid and coping skills.


P.A.S.S. Physical Activity and Sport Studies is a popular elective for years 9 and 10 and builds on the basic PD/H/PE program.  This course is well suited to activity oriented students who wish to stretch their boundaries with new experiences.


Content includes badminton, volleyball, dance, advanced game skills, first aid qualifications, coaching theory, lawn bowls, tennis, snow skiing and archery.


Yr 11 - 12

PD/H/PE is offered as a 2 unit subject in the HSC.  Typically two classes operate with elective strands available in each class.  This course has been very popular and the success rate, as indicated by the percentage of band 5 and 6 students, is very high.



At Gosford High School sport is administered by the PD/H/PE faculty.  The choices in 7 - 10 are great and cater to a wide range of interests.  All students in 7 - 12 are encouraged to remain active in sport.