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Year 7 Enrichment Program

Our Year 7 Enrichment Program is designed to transition Year 7 from primary school to secondary school, whilst offering rich opportunities for academic extension. Our gifted and talented students are able to showcase their skills, talents and learning and foster a growth mindset which allows them to expand their educational horizons in an engaging and challenging environment. They are able to forge positive connections with each other, whilst acknowledging the role they can play in their wider community.

Term 1's program focuses explicitly on transition, pastoral care and welfare and aims to build young peoples' resilience, adaptability, social skills and self-efficacy as they navigate the new terrain of high school.

Areas covered include:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Signature Strengths
  • Friendship Formation and Well-Being
  • 21st Century readiness
  • Connectedness to school community
  • Citizenship and Service

The three remaining terms centre around the themes of Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Connection and Critical Thinking. We provide students with the choice to study several of a range of exciting and diverse disciplines which would be inaccessible in the traditional curriculum. Examples include: public speaking, scientific exploration, bushcraft skills, stop motion animation, drama electives, electronic music and art electives.

Through collaborative projects, students engage in critical thinking, rigorous inquiry, research and reflective writing, while strengthening their interpersonal skills. Close bonds between the student and the teacher through a project-based learning focus ensure a personalised approach to learning. Above all, proactivity and accountability are fostered as students take responsibility for individual and group learning and experience many opportunities to showcase their work to their peers and the wider community.