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Information and Communication Technology Faculty (ICT)

The ability for students to understand, use and critically assess all of the opportunities provided by technology are now essential life skills. Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of Gifted and Talented Students.

Opportunities exist for students with exceptional proficiency to work at an advanced level. Our dedicated and experienced staff have a wealth of academic and industry based experience. The ICT faculty is very proud of our students' HSC results and we are committed to continuous improvement.

Years 9 and 10 Information and Software Technology (IST)

The ICT department focuses on teaching advanced computing skills in years 9 and 10 placing particular emphasis on Multimedia and Web technologies. Throughout the IST course, students complete projects using industry standard software and technologies in the following areas:

• Digital Media, Authoring and Multimedia
• Software Development and Programming
• Internet & Website Development and Database Design
• Robotics and Automated Systems

Throughout these projects, students work in a collaborative environment engaging in processes of analysing, designing, producing, testing, documenting, implementing and evaluating information and software technology-based solutions. Students interested in developing and expanding on their existing ICT skills will find this subject useful and stimulating.

Years 11 and 12 Software Design and Development (SDD)

Software Design and Development harnesses students' creativity, knowledge, values and communication skills to develop functioning computer programs. This subject provides students with a systematic approach to problem-solving, an opportunity to be creative, excellent career prospects and interesting content. Students interested in the fields of software development and computer science will find this subject of value.

The subject is not only for those who seek further study or careers in this field, but also for those who wish to understand the underlying principles of software design and development. Students with software development skills wishing to acquire team and communication skills will find this subject useful. Software Design and Development promotes intellectual, social and ethical growth in students. The subject has been developed from an area of identified student interest. It provides them with the flexibility to be able to adapt in a field that is constantly changing and on completion, the subject provides students with options in the workforce, TAFE and university study.

Extra curricular ICT activities are being introduced. Students have the opportunity to implement their ICT skills in a real environment. A group of year 10 students have commenced a pod casting group, providing support to teachers wishing to produce podcasts for their students.